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PM : Bai Bai by ViJohnSyu PM : Bai Bai by ViJohnSyu


Name: Bai Xue 白雪 (Bai Bai)
Nickname: Cynthia
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Nationality: Chinese
Eye Colour: Dark gray
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 5.7ft
Weight: 59kg
Occupation: Tea house lady // Drug dealer

Division: Private

Weapon: Orichalcum Black Pipe
It almost has the same utilities as the pipes of a chaman’s. It is said that they could communicate with spirits through smoke. Bai can also communicate with ghosts from the smoke of her pipe. Or maybe because of the drugs she puts in it? Who knows…
Always having it on hand is very handy. It is covered with a strong unbreakable metal called "Orichalcum" mentioned on ancient script like "the metal that resembles gold". With that metal coat on it, it makes the pipe a lot more hard and heavy.
She could use it as a shield if she spins on the right spot where the object would hit.
It could also be used for attacking when it hits the right spots.

-Her pipe (it's like her baby)
-Playing with drug
-Tormented people
-Drink tea
-Physical pleasure
-Dark place

-Person without problem
-Beautiful things without imperfection (ex: Snow)
-Overly emotional girls
-People talking
-Sweet words


To be elegant she acts in a very polite and sofisticated way. Showing people that she is very educated. Despite her past.

She is indifferent to other's people's problem. Everyone has problem, they just have to deal with it. She is also careless about her life. She doesn't care where she ends up, as long as she's usefull to someone. She also takes a lot of drug, drinks alot and sleep with different men. Just like she says :" There's nothing wrong if it feels good"

- Cold
She doesn't talk much, and she doesn't let out her emotions. Not that she has alot emotions either.

She won't ask any question or complain even once at the order given to her. It's not that she likes it, she just has nothing better to do.

When she says something sarcastic, she look pretty serious, so people tend to believe what she says.

-Self containing
She tend to keep everything to herself. She doesn't like to speak about her to others.

- Independant
She don't want people to see her as a "lady". She don't like people to help her. Don't want to look miserable.

She doesn’t say what she thinks of everything, she accepts everything people say emotionlessly. So people don't get what she really thinks.


-Immune to a certain drugs
She is so used to a certain drug that their effects doesn't work on her anymore or they don't have that strong effect anymore. A lot of time it's the aphrodisiacs. some man abused those on her until the effects don't affect her anymore. Now, when she sleeps with someone, it's because she really feels like doing it on her own. Also, she used some drugs so much that their effects aren't strong enough for her to have super hallucinogenic sensation, so she searches for more. It does make her feel good, but not good enough to make her lose control on herself. In short, it is difficult to drug her. Try some other tactics to take her down.

-Good talking
She doesn’t have a lot of knowledge, but the way she talks make her look very intelligent even though she’s dumb.

She is often used as bait. She seduces people with her body and polite ways of doing things. It weakens the target, and makes it easier for her or the people she works for finish them off.


She's emotionless from the outside, it doesn't mean she doesn't feel anything deep inside. That word "love" she fell for it once, and still hadn't learned from her errors.

She knows that men are bad so finishes them off before they could even talk. But, women are different...

-Soft words
Even though she looks tough, she tends to believe in things people say. She isn't used to listen to people compliment her, it makes her trust the person, and at the end, she ends up being betrayed.

Quote: “Does it feel good?”

Goal: She wants to become rich, she wants to become the successful woman, that her family thought was useless

Dark Secret:
Having everything someone wanted, and taking away everything someone has. She wants to make her parents regret for what they had done, by taking everything dear to them away. She is ready to do anything for that, to the extend of using her own body for the purpose.

Bai Xue was born in a rural area of Shi Chuan, China in the first snowing day of the year. This is were her name came from. Unfortunately, being born a girl wasn’t and still is not pretty appreciated in the countryside. Most family there hoped for a boy, that could help doing the hard work. To her family and the neighborhood, it was shit, to give birth to a girl, since they have the only child rule.

At first, they decided to treat her like their normal child. She did her best to follow her dad when he goes to harvest and learn from it. Their parents were treating her well, and she believed it. Later on, the family's economic situation wasn't getting any better and they blamed it on the little girl. The day of her 10th birthday, she was taken away by some drug trafficker in exchange of a huge amount of money. She was raped, beaten and used as a laboratory rat by several man, still having the thoughts that her parents were waiting for her to go home. She had gone from one man to another so many times that her body doesn’t even feel anything anymore. At 16, she managed to escape. She got back home to see her parents on the chinese new year eve. As soon as she got there, she finally realised how happy they were without her. They got a boy, a year after she got sold and they even managed to build a little shop where there's no economical problems anymore. Seeing their facial expressions, everything was crystal clear in her mind. She was betrayed by her own parents.

With that anger in her, she wandered here and there in the streets, sleeping with man for money, until she fell in love with a man 9 years older than her. She thought that someone, finally accepted her. But in the end, what happened 6 years ago occured again. He was just one of those many drug dealers. The circle will keep repeating itself, once you got in, there will be no way out.

Now, she is more determined than ever to make her parents regret for their selfish act. She got immuned to most of the drugs her exploiters gave her, and knew exactly how to please men with her body and make them grant her wishes. She got more and more contacts and grew more and more powerful. At the age of 23, she was owner of a tea shop and one of the heads of the underground durg organisation of Hong Kong. She now uses drugs and sex to make her forget about the past with the pleasure she gets. That amount of drugs she took, played with her mind. When she was drugged, she started hearing voices and silhouettes around her. First, the women though it was just the drugs effect, but later, she even saw them when she was perfectly sober. She started hearing voices and seeing person that no one else could see. Which doesn't improve her conditions. She feels like she’s being observed by themfrequently, and was seriously wondering if it was normal. She got pissed by seeing those things and started talking to them on day. T-they... answered... What in the world... She went on and talked, talked and talked... they have feelings, are reacting to the things she said, are sad, has compassion, are happy. These supernatural beings were once human... It made her look a bit crazy, but in a way, it was pleasant since she could have conversations with them and would not worry that the conversation would go anywhere.

Soon enough, Bai will be able to take away her parent's happiness. But being the leader of a drug dealing organisation wasn't easy. A lot of compromise were made with the cops of the area in order to keep the business going. Even though she was safe, there was that other organisation...An organisation that was independent. They are powerful with all sorts of people with different background working under their wings. Better be careful of these people. And not get caught by them, or we're in big trouble...

One night, when she was working in a case, she got hit behind the head. That was stupid of her to not be able to dodge that. When she woke up, a charming man, came to her. "Am I sleeping beauty?"
Guess not, he talked about something P...waht? "Project Melancholic"?
This is the end, they caught her, she could say bye bye to that ultimate goal she worked so hard to achieve. She is going to get tortured for all the rest of her life.

Wait....What? What did he say? This man would help her get what she wants? What in the world is this organisation?

Whatever. "As long as I could achieve my goal, I would do anything."

Relations: N/A

Fun Facts:
-She owns a Sapo frog from the amazon, yeah...she searched long for that creature...
-Her favorite position? Missionary. She likes that when the man takes the lead.
-She think its funny when people fail, she tries to no laugh.
-She’s really interested to know if a person feels good or not.
-Cup size : 34C
- Favorite tea: Chrysanthemum tea
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sexiest private member in the division--//crys//
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Everything seems in place.

Except for the fact of the drugs.
You might want to add that the Project was hunting you down because they still are the police and that they found her to be a good addition to the Org.
You also might want to add how she gotten her ghost communication abilities?
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ay' sexy lady ;D
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bai the babe
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